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LeftSock sell Wrightsock in the UK

Socks from Wrightsock are available in several varieties from ultra thin single layer to cushioned Double Layer and many steps in between to allow you to choose your perfect sock.

Different styles are available, Low - socklet, Tab - socklet but with a heel protecting tab, Qtr - just covers the ankle, or the traditional Crew - halfway up the lower leg. Size and Style information

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Wrightsock Fuel

Best of both worlds: Double the cushion under your foot from heel to toe with the flat knit against the skin. Because we are Double Layer the terry loops that provide the cushion are encapsulated between the two layers of socks. Only sock of its kind in the industry Wrightsocks double layer sock with cusioning added between the two layers (on the outside of the inner layer and the inside of the outer layer). A thick cushioned sock

Price - £15.00 a pair

Double Layer Sock

Xtra Wide

Wrightsock Xtra Wide

A sock for the older consumer that has difficulty bending over to put on traditional socks or that suffers from swollen ankles. Tube design without a defined heel pocket, making the fitting process easier. With no elastic, this is a looser, non-binding sock than any other from WRIGHTSOCK, Sometimes used for the early stages of diabetes. No Blisters, Guaranteed.

Price - £13.00 a pair

Double Layer Sock

Cushioned DLX

Wrightsock Cushioned DLX

Wrightsock Cushioned DLX provides a light amount of cushioning for added comfort. The inner wicks moisture away from your feet and the two layers absorb all the friction and foot shear. Being phased out - replaced by Wrightsock Fuel

Price - £12.00 a pair

Double Layer Sock


Wrightsock SLX

Dense terry cushion in key areas provide exceptional comfort and shock absorption. This sock provides all the protection you need without shoe sizing issues. Seamless construction eliminates irritation. Y-shaped heel promotes anatomically correct, performance fit. New name - Wrightsock X-Fit.

Price - £12.00 a pair

Single Layer Sock