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LeftSock sell Wrightsock in the UK

Socks from Wrightsock are available in several varieties from ultra thin single layer to cushioned Double Layer and many steps in between to allow you to choose your perfect sock.

Different styles are available, Low - socklet, Tab - socklet but with a heel protecting tab, Qtr - just covers the ankle, or the traditional Crew - halfway up the lower leg. Size and Style information

For orders outside the UK please contact us


Wrightsock Stride

The Stride is a midweight sock and is the update to the Running II. The needle count has increased to 168 for soft fine feel and a performance fit.

Price - £14.00 a pair

Double Layer Sock

Silver Stride

Wrightsock Silver Stride

Mid-weight sock with silver yarn added in the inner layer. Silver is proven effective as anti-microbial that kills 99.9% of bacteria associated with smelly feet. Silver technology also offers thermal conductivity and reflectivity properties keeping you comfortable in all weather conditions.

Price - £14.00 a pair

Double Layer Sock


Wrightsock Escape

A great mid weight double layer sock that I use for all activities and day to day wear. We have had great feedback from cyclists that this sock keeps their feet warm during those winter rides.

Price - £16.00 a pair

Double Layer Sock

Cold Running

Wrightsock Cold Running

Same design and weight as Wrightsocks Double Layer Running sock but with a hollow core polyester designed to trap air inside the fiber as an insulator to the outside cold elements. Moisture management of the hollow fibres is a key element of keeping the foot warm coupled with the Double Layer System ensures Blister Free performance in the cold temperatures

Price - £11.00 a pair

Double Layer Sock

Merino Trail

Wrightsock Merino Trail

A double layer sock with a merino wool outer and synthetic liner. Perfect for hiking

Price - £15.00 a pair

Double Layer Sock


Wrightsock SLC

A light to mid weight performance sock featuring a mesh panel for added breathability. This sock is perfect for those high intensity workouts. Dri-WRIGHT II™ keeps the foot cool and dry. Seam Free toe for added comfort. Y Heel promotes anatomically correct fit. Stabilizer Zone™ enhances performance fit.

Price - £11.00 a pair

Single Layer Sock


Wrightsock Velocity

The Velocity is a single layer midweight sock with a lightly cushioned footbed. I use this as my day to day running sock in the qtr length. It's now discontinued so grab some before they all go

Price - £11.00 a pair

Single Layer sock